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What I watched in February 2018

I’m tracking my screen consumption in 2018 to help me learn and see what I’m doing with my time. Here are some of the films and TV shows I watched in February. Films I actually watched more movies in February but that includes several more

How your family can be happier

A lot of people in the rich part of the world are unhappy. The reason for (some) of their happiness is now pretty evident – it’s our addiction to screens. To be a little more precise it’s our addiction to screens as our primary form

What I watched in January 2018

This year I started to make a note of what I was watching in terms of film and TV. I did so for a number of reasons. One I forget, so this helps but also because it will help me see the breadth (or lack

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What could I accomplish if I didn't watch TV?

As you know we don’t have a TV and it seems I’m in good company, neither does John Piper and he has some barnstorming reasons. Here’s one of his ‘milder’ (ahem) explanations: “It is not necessary for relevance. And it is a deadly place to

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TV cripples us

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the television, in fact I’m glad to be rid of it. Here Mark Meynell reflects on the recent purchase of Channel 5 by Richard Desmond and gives this devastating quote from David Dark. “Yet as

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Life without a TV (still)

I just read about my friend Mark’s decision to unplug the TV and Roald Dahl’s hatred of the box in this excellent poem and so I decided to put a few more thoughts down on life without a TV seven months on. So the World