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The Curiosity Index (30.11.2017)

Art story of the day I did not know this, but I think it’s great. How Skilled Copyists Leave the Louvre with a Masterpiece Every Year Rebuke of the day This one is actually from a couple of weeks back, but as the story is still

Is atoning sacrifice absent in Paul’s scheme of salvation?

I’ve recently been working on digitizing most of my papers and files from university days and stumbled across a few interesting finds. One of those was this feisty article by Bradley H McLean. McLean opens with the acknowledgement that ‘Christ’s death constitutes the theological centre of gravity

He was and is and is to come

My friend Stef Liston with his friend Dan need your help. Here’s what it’s for: Here’s a couple of commendations, although I think it speaks for itself: “This glorious poem will stir your imagination, taking you on a journey you would never have taken, filling your

History, Eschatology and Community in the Lord’s Supper

In the entry on the Lord’s Supper in Roger Olson’s A-Z of Evangelical Theology he mentions Stanley Grenz’s attempt to ‘breathe new life into evangelical celebration of the Lord’s Supper.’ Grenz emphasized three elements history, eschatology and community. For him, the ordinance has three distinct orientations by

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Do evangelicals ignore the Lord's Supper?

I’m continuing to think through, the hows, whys and wherefores of the Lord’s Supper and what it might mean to be devoted to it (Acts 2:42). So I’ve begun by mining my bookshelves for insights and ideas, feel free to make suggestions. One of the

Thinking about inequality

Hopefully not as a result of my flattering them, but the folks over at What You Think Matters asked me to contribute to a debate on poverty and inequality. It started with this post on inequality, a response by Matt Hosier and maybe one or two

What you think matters

There are a lot of blogs that I like to read and I use Google Reader to track currently 84 different blogs (that number goes up and down a bit as I opt in and out). Over the past year I’ve noticed that I’ve starred

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Hells Bells 2: My second, final round-up

OK, so this was my final round-up and then a whole load more interesting and helpful posts were published and so the blogger in me feels compelled to post. I’m hoping to get a review copy of Bell’s book soon, so I’ll try and get