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Planting a Church Is Lonely

John Starke at The Gospel Coalition has a good article on church planting in major cities. Here are some things that stood out to me and that I have really identified with during the last five years here in Stockholm. The Need Right now, in

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The Curiosity Index (25.03.2015)

There are a lot of ways believers are to engage with one another. Here’s all the ‘one anothers’ in an infographic. I found it impossible to resist clicking on article with the headline 8 things you can turn into a wi-fi hotspot and the first

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2013 in the rearview mirror

As far as this blog goes 2013 was a low-point. In fact, I wondered if I’d lost the will to carry it on and perhaps I would just leave it to slowly decay in the blogosphere. Obviously I decided against that. Life on the other

Is Stockholm burning?

It’s world news that Stockholm has been troubled by five nights of unrest. It’s also mostly taken place, if you’ll excuse the phrase, within a stone’s throw of where we live. As I began to write this post I could see from my study window,

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Praying for a church plant

What is the role of prayer in building and a growing a new church plant? It can be something of a truism that the church planter affirms the place and power of prayer but plans according to his own strength. It’s a lesson I’ve learned

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Thoughts on church planting

Recently a fellow church planter, Tim Heath, emailed a bunch of guys he knew about their thoughts on church planting and is publishing the results on his blog. In the second of the series, he publishes my thoughts. You can read them here