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How the Welsh revival came to Scandinavia

I recently came across this fascinating post that shows how, in the age of decent travel options, people have always travelled to see what God has been doing and in some ways import/export it. In 1904-5 Wales experienced its famous revival and it wasn’t long before

The relational challenges of living in Scandinavia

The Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland regularly feature at or near the top of every quality of life index you can find. Like this one from the OECD or this from the Economist or this one from the World Economic Forum which has them taking

Nordic countries are the worst for finding friends

A revealing study into the challenges of Nordic society and the opportunity for a church such as ours: The Nordic countries are popular destinations for expats. They continue to attract foreigners with outstanding education, childcare, and healthcare. Moreover, the highly satisfying work-life balance supports family life and

Living in the redzone

Recently I came across this tweet showing a map of the worldwide growth of the evangelical church. Interesting. “Growth Rate of Evangelical Christianity” worldwide HT @drmoorepic.twitter.com/GyZjX5ZWWn — Drew Dyck (@drewdyck) August 21, 2015 In the countries shaded blue the evangelical church is growing faster than the

The Curiosity Index (17.04.2015)

The headline is a grabber, Are we ready for an LGBTQIA Jesus? but it raises a really interesting point, “The religious right in particular seems to require an asexual Jesus.” Think about it. What does it take to be fluent? Grace Henry offers up three truths

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The Curiosity Index (20.03.2015)

I know, I know, we all wish we were more Scandinavian. Which is why we love IKEA so much. If you want to take your desire to be more Nordic further here are top tips but if for some strange reason you’re irritated by all these

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Book Review: A society without God

What does a country look like if you take faith out of it? What kind of world would it be for those that live there and how did this come about? These are some of the questions that sociologist Phil Zuckerman tries to answer in 

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On the road

Today I’m flying to England for four busy days. Here is a brief run-down of what’s happening: Wednesday: Fly to London and catch up with some friends who until recently were  living in Pakistan until that opportunity was suddenly and unexpectedly closed to them. I’m