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Reflections on the year that was

So 2017 is in the rear view mirror and the road of 2018 is nearly all before us. I spend most of my time (as I think we all should) looking forward. If we stick with the driving analogy, by far and away the safest

The Curiosity Index (21.09.2017)

There Can Be Only One Priority I struggle with many ‘priorities’ which as Keith Webb points out: “The reality is, multiple priorities means no priority at all.” John Calvin: the religious reformer who influenced capitalism Love capitalism? Perhaps you believe, like Donald Trump and his

The Curiosity Index (08.05.2017)

This is all about running, so if running and the sheer insanity of it is not your thing….move along now, nothing to see here. At the weekend Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in an incredible 2:00:25 and going faster will still take some doing. Which is

Drink this!

Last summer, on a warm and sunny evening (even at 9pm), I ran a 10k race around one of Stockholm’s 14 islands. On crossing the finish line I was given a medal, energy bar and bottle of water. It was only after drinking the water that I

Review: Run

It says something about how 2016 is going that it has taken me a full month before I write about running in 2015! Anyway, 2015 has to go down as poor year of running for me. I ran less often, ran shorter distances when I

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The Curiosity Index (11.02.2015)

Ian Paul has a moving article about the faith of Kenji Goto who was recently murdered by ISIS The BBC carried an interesting article about the growing number of people who realise that they have too much stuff. Here are some tweetable comments from the article:

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The Curiosity Index (10.02.2015)

I’m going to be regularly mentioning Ukraine. If you get tired of that, think how it must feel if you live there. Here are some images that remind us: this is war. Oscar season is coming up and Nathanael Smith at Think Theology offers his take on

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Book Review: Born to Run

I love running, it’s been a consistent pleasure and inspiration which is a good way to describe Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall. McDougall was a journalist for Men’s Health but found himself