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The Curiosity Index (12.09.2017)

As storms rage and waters rise, religions speak with many voices The Economist on how religious groups have responded to the hurricanes in the US and Caribbean. Some good, some bad. Eat, pray, live: the Lagos megachurches building their very own cities Both remarkable and

The Curiosity Index (11.09.2017)

Was Jesus internationally famous in his own lifetime? Colin Green once again gets to the truth of things. So why do so some people nowadays expect to find evidence of Jesus surviving from his own lifetime painting him as a much admired miracle-working figure, and

The Curiosity Index (05.09.2017)

Why you should read more about religion I suspect that most of the people reading this blog don’t need convincing on this but here’s why someone who doesn’t believe (Tyler Cowen) thinks religion is important. Flying spaghetti monsters and the quest for religious authenticity As

The Curiosity Index (17.05.2017)

Has the UK hit peak secular? This article in the Guardian wonders if the decline of religion in the UK has hit its nadir. Its findings tally with this study that cognitive biases don’t explain religion, after all. In fact the most important thing Christians

Evolution: Meanings & Misconceptions

For many Christians reconciling notions of creation from the Bible with the theory of evolution continues to be troublesome. In order to get our heads straight it helps to have some understanding of what we mean when we say evolution and what it’s proponents say

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The Curiosity Index (14.04.2015)

Here’s what the religious landscape of the world looks like and some likely trends. Pretty much what we know, Europe is the outlier – except Europe expects the rest of the world to follow suit. Unsurprisingly, Sweden is the least religious nation in the West.  I don’t agree with this

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The Curiosity Index (12.02.2015)

Derek Rishmawy has a good piece on about being careful about being too careful about what you read (in other words discernment in your reading). Andrew Wilson offers a good rejoinder to Scot McKnight about the nature of courage in the public sphere Pew Research has