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The deceiver vs The debaucher

I feel sorry for the American electorate, I really do. I understand that there is no perfect candidate and that there are no politicians with an empty skeleton closet. Yet I cannot recall an election where the choice has been between two such incredibly divisive

Don’t shut the door: receive the refugee

View image | gettyimages.com The flow of refugees into Europe continues, partly as a result of the ongoing war, the fear that more doors into Europe will shut and the oncoming winter which will make the journey much harder and the sea journey nearly impossible. As

Why you should care about Burundi

Sixteen years ago I was desperate to work overseas amongst some of the world’s poorest people. So after one interview where I exaggerated my ability to speak French (almost none, to be honest) I found myself being posted to Burundi. As I had no real

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Crimean Crisis: An early response

As I read the news that Russia in all but name has annexed Crimea, I wondered about the lack of comment from Christians, so I’ve decided to air some thoughts. According to everyone else, Crimea is officially a part of Ukraine but not in Moscow;

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The gender conversation 5: politics & society

There’s no doubting that gender continues to occupy a lot of time, space & energy in the church. It regularly raises the emotions and generates a lot of heat and little light. It can also put Christians into camps where the ‘the other side’ can

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Book review: Asylum and Immigration

For the past ten years or so I have lived in middle England. Our town had an overwhelmingly white British population, most of whom would be very happy if it stayed that way. Despite having travelled reasonably widely and had the pleasure of learning about different

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London’s Burning: Is consumerism to blame?

As the riots appear to calm down so the discussion about the causes of it rises. This won’t die down in a hurry. Here are some early thoughts from around and about but an early contender appears to be consumerism. Early on it seems agreed