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The Curiosity Index (10.01.2018)

Reading the world: my news project forĀ 2018 I love this idea of learning about the world by getting your news from different places. Man Declared Dead by 3 Doctors Wakes Up in Morgue Just Hours Before Autopsy Lucky man. The 2018 Procession of the Black

We all need to be journalists now

We live in an age which has seen a massive erosion of trust in traditional sources of news and information. Given President-elect Trump’s struggle with honesty (he keeps falling off the wagon), it’s unlikely to get better in the short-term. Bias and agenda are ‘seen’

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I link therefore I am (17/12/09)

Some fresh links straight out of the blogosphere to start your day:- Britain is avowedly a less Christian nation according to The Telegraph – also comment in The Guardian. The death of nominal Christianity may not be such a bad thing. Skye Jethani comments on

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I link therefore I am (15/12/09)

Now that I’m catching up on reading, blogs and interesting stuff here are the pick of the crop: This is the thought provoking, “Katherine told me that she thought that humans were congenitally dissatisfied. That human beings just couldn’t ever be satisfied and want more

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I link therefore I am (04/12/09)

Jeremy highlights the ethical shortcomings of fashion retailer Primark My interest is always caught by sermons such as this one by David Platt: The Gospel Demands Radical Generosity  Todd Hiestand has a great post on teaching your kids about giving to others While those out

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I link therefore I am (03/12/09)

If you want to draw the crowds into church you could always turn it into an ice rink. No, seriously  I’m already looking forward to the World Cup in South Africa next year. The final will be played here Apparently you can now engage in

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I link therefore I am (02/12/09)

Bankers (poor dears) are living in fear having screwed the rest of us and are buying guns  Today is World Aids Day and Mark Meynell links to an interesting infographic Here are 20 unfortunate lessons a girl can lean from Twilight (HT: Randy Alcorn) I’ll pick

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I link therefore I am (01/12/09)

A bumper feast for you to kick off advent! If you want to see how ancient Hebrews conceived of the universe, take a look at this (HT: Mark Meynell) Should Christians give up the 25th December as a day for giving presents? Here’s why it’s worth