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Relational Mission: A compass but no map

This is the final (in a long-delayed) series of posts on Mike Betts’ book Relational Mission: A way of life. The final chapter is called We have a compass but no map. You can find links to the other articles here. A real family Raising sons & daughters Everyone

A family of churches

Everyone has their own language they use to describe context and church is no different. Some of these words are better than others, some have history, some find their roots in more contemporary society. ‘Denomination’ is a good example of the former and ‘network’an example

Baltic Pioneers

So as the summer holidays recede into the rear view mirror it is helpful to reflect on some of the things that happened before ploughing ever onward into the busyness of autumn. One of the highlights was a short camp we went to in Latvia. Hosted by

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7 observations & 3 challenges for Newfrontiers

Nearly three years ago Newfrontiers formally transitioned from a first generation to a second generation movement. Newfrontiers had from its inception been led by Terry Virgo until 2011. Then a process, which had been under way for some time, was publicly acknowledged and around 20

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I’m with the family for a few days in Turkey. I’m here for a gathering of leaders from across the Newfrontiers family of churches. It will be interesting to hear the stories of how things are developing in this new season of multiplication. We’ve spent

Mission in the New Europe

Some invitations to mission in northern Europe over the next few days. First up The NEW: The NEW is taking place in Riga, Latvia on the 19th-22nd July this year and is hosted by my friend Matt Medd. This event is aimed at people who

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To Turkey

Today we’re off to Turkey – it’s a mix of global leaders conference and family holiday. I was describing the situation to a few friends a couple of days ago and I said, “We get to listen to Terry Virgo, Bob Roberts and others preach.

Reaching a society without God

I recently wrote this article about Scandinavia for Newfrontiers website and thought I would repost the article here.   ”All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing” (Col 1:6). Except, it seems, in Europe. Here the picture is much more mixed; there