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The Curiosity Index (04.10.2017)

My life as an atheist was wonderful! I like this testimony, and this part gets it right about not trying to paint unbeliever’s lives as somehow secretly miserable. God has had his hand on me since the first day. He knew I was coming to

The Curiosity Index (18.09.2017)

Hope you all had a good weekend. The best of all possible worlds? A fascinating insight into research that looks at the ‘fine tuning’ of the universe. Investigators of fine tuning look, for example, at physical parameters ranging from the weight of a subatomic particle

The Curiosity Index (returns) – 24.06.2015

After an inexcusably long and unexplained absence the curiosity index returns (cue fanfare and much rejoicing). The Economist explains why gun control isn’t coming to America anytime soon (something that baffles pretty much everybody else). The Onion says pretty much the same thing but with

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The Curiosity Index (14.04.2015)

Here’s what the religious landscape of the world looks like and some likely trends. Pretty much what we know, Europe is the outlier – except Europe expects the rest of the world to follow suit. Unsurprisingly, Sweden is the least religious nation in the West.  I don’t agree with this

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The Curiosity Index (30.03.2015)

It’s something of a world tour this morning. First to Asia. If you’re ever tempted to complain about religious freedom in America or Europe, take a moment to consider the situation in Pakistan. Just for perspective. Here are ten reasons why learning another language is

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The Curiosity Index (Weekend edition)

All sorts of goodies for the weekend: I can run faster than this, but maybe not when I’m 95 Waves freezing What it’s like to live in Antarctica (photo essay) Sticking with the weather – this article explains why you get a better forecast if

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For more wonder, re-wild the world

One last video to follow up from Monday’s review of Feral. This one is author Monbiot himself doing a TED talk explaining the essence of his book. The video is 15 minutes long and well worth it whether you’re planning on reading the book or not.

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The Curiosity Index (03.02.2015)

If you’re in the UK you may be aware of an important debate happening today in parliament with the headline grabbing three-parent babies. Peter Saunders asks five good questions. I think in an age of austerity where benefits are cut for the poorest it’s reasonable