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The Curiosity Index (07.09.2017)

An Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines I’ve grown to appreciate how Brett & Kate McKay integrate their faith on their site The art of manliness. More often they produce fun stuff like how to ride a motorcycle but here use it to encourage spiritual growth. For the soul to

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The Curiosity Index (19.03.2015)

Andrew Wilson on what scripture and jazz have in common This is from a while back but worth thinking about again: Two years to stop lying A good example of the difference urban planning can have: How escalators helped Medellin’s poorest communities I love motorbikes

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The Confessional is now Open

I have a confession to make, today I almost lost my temper, I certainly did lose a good portion of my self-control. It’s one of the hazards of being a biker (just to clarify so we’re all clear: a person who pedals a bike is

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Maintaining focus

It’s not easy to say ‘no’ to things especially when you enjoy them. It’s also not easy to judge the pace your life should be led at. It isn’t easy to reject the furious busyness of contemporary life, to choose to slow down. All of the

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Motorbikes and Meaning

I was catching up on some weekend reading and started with The Observer’s travel supplement Escape, which headlined with the final part of Mike Carters midlife bike tour through Europe. Combining two passions (motorbikes and travel) it was a far better place to start than