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The Curiosity Index (07.12.2017)

100 years of Finland Yesterday Finland celebrated 100 years as an independent nation, it’s a beautiful country. But 100 years isn’t all that long and reminds me that nations are not permanent. What Christians believe…in 90 Seconds! I have a very high regard for the

The Curiosity Index (11.09.2017)

Was Jesus internationally famous in his own lifetime? Colin Green once again gets to the truth of things. So why do so some people nowadays expect to find evidence of Jesus surviving from his own lifetime painting him as a much admired miracle-working figure, and

Learning from 1 Thessalonians 4

We’re working through 1 Thessalonians (1,2,3) and chapter 4 gives you a lot to think about. Here are just a few. A good life There is a way of living that pleases God (v.1) and wins the respect of outsiders (v.12) It’s not a check

The gym has replaced the church as the place to belong

For a significant part of human history the church, mosque, synagogue, temple or shrine has been at the centre of community life. The life of the┬átribe revolved around┬áthese places of meeting. The community gathered with common values, common understanding, common beliefs. In many places, that’s

Four words

As I approached my 40th birthday in 2015 I began to think through what I wanted and needed to focus on in the next season of my life. I wondered what were the themes of my life that I should give myself to and that

How times have changed

I recently saw a photo essay for World Refugee Day which highlights the plight of the 10.5 million refugees. The whole collection is striking and worth looking at but it was this photo that stood out to me. It’s an Afghan refugee village outside Islamabad

What’s your lifestyle?

I use a lot of technology. I like my old secondhand smartphone with its apps and I’d like to upgrade. I like my laptop and blogging. I like messing around with design and new browsers, I like Twitter, Google+ and to a much lesser extent