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3 mistakes to avoid before going full-time

You’re a church leader working two jobs, you have a family and your church is growing, there are pastoral challenges and the Sunday sermon is regularly being written late on Saturday night. You’re living with that constant sense of guilt that something important is not

Interview on bi-vocational leadership

Recently I was interviewed by Andy Peck for The Leadership File on Premier Radio in the UK. We discuss the pros & cons for both the leader and the church of working bi-vocationally. I ended with the plea that church leaders should not see being paid

A church history of bivocational ministry

A change is happening throughout the Western church in the nature and form of church leadership. There is a significant shift towards what is known as bivocational ministry. David Gustafson (@dgustafs1) associate professor of evangelism and missional ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has written a

The future of church planting: bi-vocational ministry

Christianity Today has posted an article by Daniel Im on trends in church planting and it deals with bi-vocational ministry. He says being bi-vocational ministry is being embraced for three main reasons: As a deliberate strategy: “In the future of church planting we will see

Review: Lead

This is the fourth & final part of my personal review of 2015: Write, Read, Run & Lead. Reviewing my own leadership is a tricky and sensitive business. I can survive a year where my reading or writing doesn’t go to plan or even recover

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The Curiosity Index (02.04.2015)

Jon Matthias writes about the missing perspective on leadership If you’re church planting cross culturally here are three compelling reasons why you need to learn the language The Scandinavians remain stubbornly at the top of the happiness charts, not that you’d guess from talking to

Encouraging female leaders

Let me share two convictions I have about church. I am convinced that the Bible teaches that churches should be led a team of elders of suitably qualified men. I am convinced we need more women leaders in the church. Now I often face the

The Coming New Normal

Carl Trueman recently took up the theme of the bi-vocational church leader in a post called The Coming New Normal and as usual makes some excellent points. He believes that, Bi-vocational pastoring will become more common, if not standard, in the next decade Now it’s not the