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The Curiosity Index (07.09.2017)

An Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines I’ve grown to appreciate how Brett & Kate McKay integrate their faith on their site The art of manliness. More often they produce fun stuff like how to ride a motorcycle but here use it to encourage spiritual growth. For the soul to

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The Curiosity Index (27.06.2015)

Start with the most important: Glen Scrivener tells youthworkers to STOP telling their youth to give their life to Jesus This map shows you how Europe’s population has moved and grown in the first ten years of the 21st century If you’ve decided to give

The Curiosity Index (29.04.2015)

The Surprising benefits of giving money away include you’ll be happier, you’ll invest in what you think is important & you’ll be freed from the power of money. “Where his money goes is the truer indication of what he deems important. If you care about something,

The Curiosity Index (17.04.2015)

The headline is a grabber, Are we ready for an LGBTQIA Jesus? but it raises a really interesting point, “The religious right in particular seems to require an asexual Jesus.” Think about it. What does it take to be fluent? Grace Henry offers up three truths

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The Curiosity Index (02.04.2015)

Jon Matthias writes about the missing perspective on leadership If you’re church planting cross culturally here are three compelling reasons why you need to learn the language The Scandinavians remain stubbornly at the top of the happiness charts, not that you’d guess from talking to

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The Curiosity Index (30.03.2015)

It’s something of a world tour this morning. First to Asia. If you’re ever tempted to complain about religious freedom in America or Europe, take a moment to consider the situation in Pakistan. Just for perspective. Here are ten reasons why learning another language is