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The Curiosity Index (06.09.2018)

After an unexplained absence (well, laziness) we’re back. Our strange and incoherent stance towards the unborn Powerful stuff from Andrew Haslam: It made no sense to me that if a woman wants her baby, it’s a child, but if she doesn’t then it’s a foetus.

The Curiosity Index (29.11.2017)

Pro-life story of the day When the subject of abortion comes up, pro-lifers are always asked about two specific instances one of which is the threat to the mother’s life and the other is rape. Well this story When I look into my son’s eyes

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The Curiosity Index (20.03.2015)

I know, I know, we all wish we were more Scandinavian. Which is why we love IKEA so much. If you want to take your desire to be more Nordic further here are top tips but if for some strange reason you’re irritated by all these