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The Curiosity Index (05.10.2017)

Why We’ll Have Evidence of Aliens—If They Exist—By 2035 It’s always 20 years from now but hopers will hope. But our ability to search improves with every technological innovation. I compare the situation to the year 1491. European civilization had been around for 2,500 years,

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How the author of consumer detox insulted me

I recently reviewed Consumer Detox by my friend Mark Powley and mentioned that my life featured in other people’s books. Let me give you an example. Now Mark has insulted me plenty of times but this time he’s done it in print but in such

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There's probably no tithing

That’s right (sort of). My friend Dave Matthias has been having fun with this bus slogan generator (following the recent campaign by some atheists that ‘there’s probably no God’). I’d love to see this for real but I love the slogan, thanks Dave!

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Biblical Insults

In my daily readings, I’m in Job (they’ve chronologically placed Job in the same time frame as Genesis which is quite reasonable). So laying more weighty matters to one side, job is fertile ground for developing the skill of trading biblical insults. I used this

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Fighting consumerism can be a serious business so it’s good to know it can be done with humour, tongue firmly in cheek and still make a blistering attack on the excesses of our day. Enjoy the trailer, watch the film and then spend a little