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Parenting by Paul David Tripp

Book Review: Parenting

At least once a year I try to read a book about parenting. If I read too many books on parenting, I get confused and overwhelmed by all the different suggestions. I simply can’t introduce too many ideas or strategies into my parenting all at

Church is a family

Swedes, when it comes to matters of faith are largely illiterate and sceptical. They don’t understand it and sometimes they fear it. Their concepts of what church should be is often restricted to their vague notions of the Church of Sweden; the church to which

Relational Mission: Raising sons & daughters

The second chapter takes a look at legacy and building churches that raise up the next generation of leaders. Mike’s case is simple: in order to fulfil the commission God has given us we need to multiply everything but not as business with franchises but

Relational Mission: A real family

I had the privilege of working with Mike Betts on producing this short book for our family of churches. You can read some of the commendations here. Over the next few days, I thought I’d work through some of the chapters and give a personal reflection

Church is family

In Grace Church we constantly wrestle with the form of church. How do meetings, gatherings and activities relate to the vision of church. We keep coming back to the Bible. Who does God reveal Himself to be in relation to the church? Well, one of the main

In Sweden who raises the children?

Sweden is often praised and is proud of its family friendly policies. Parents receive 480 days parental leave per child and 60 of them can only be taken by the father. Use it or lose it. These days can be claimed as part days or whole

Making your church a place to belong

Yesterday I shared an article about how the gym (or fitness group) has replaced church for many as the go-to place when they’re looking for a place to belong. We live in an age of fragmentation and increasing loneliness, especially in cities and amongst the elderly.