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How did life on earth begin?

When it comes to questions about the earth’s origins many Christians remain quiet in the face of hostility towards the idea of a Creator being behind the whole thing. Yet it’s worth knowing that the other side should also display a certain amount of humility

3 ways to know what God is like

This is a question that crops up every now and then. How is God knowable and how do we know that God is like this and not like that. Historically the Christian faith has given three main ways of answering that question. Through what has

Christians & Evolution

Christians often have a very confused relationship with scientific discoveries – we use them of course, but there’s a significant portion of evangelicals who become very sceptical especially when it concerns the origins of life. Tim Challies wrote The…reason I am a six-day creationist is

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Book Review: Feral

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a lot of money to spare? If you were Bill Gates rich for example. I’m sure you have, I have. One of things I have long decided I would do would be to buy

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Book Review: The Genesis Enigma

The Genesis Enigma: Why the Bible is scientifically accurate from 2009 is an intriguing book and is a bold endeavour but unlikely to find many advocates. If you’re a six-day young earth creationist then ‘there’s nothing to see here’. Dr Parker is a staunch advocate

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Where Genesis and Science agree

I almost always find myself reading Genesis in January and it strikes me that we very often focus on the areas of conflict between contemporary scientific theories and the Book of Genesis and miss out on the very many areas where the two agree. Here

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The Sunday Video: Saving the Oceans

This earnest, sombre plea for the oceans is heartfelt and stirring and as the lady says ‘no blue, no green’ which translates to forget the oceans and you can forget life on land. So take 18 minutes of your time and wonder whether the description

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80% of Brits reject creationism

Apparently so. Check this interactive map out which is interesting because some of the speakers at Honest to Darwin conference were confident that over the course of the next generation the hold of evolution on culture would begin to slip. Time will tell. There were