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Rediscovering Hospitality

In Japan lonely senior citizens (especially women) are shoplifting in search of the community and stability of jail. From 1980 to 2015, the number of seniors living alone in Japan increased more than sixfold, to almost 6 million. That’s quite extreme but all across the developed world

6 tips to engage your community online

At Grace Church, even though we’re just a small church, we work hard at building community online and offline. We encourage engagement primarily using Facebook group and WhatsApp. Here’s our six tips – which we refine and try to practise.

How is a church on mission organised?

I’ve long been helped, inspired and encouraged by the teaching of Jeff Vanderstelt. I must have saved about 30 articles that I went through yesterday as I thought through being a church on mission. Although I’ve already collected a guide to missional communities (purpose, reasons, rhythms

Making your church a place to belong

Yesterday I shared an article about how the gym (or fitness group) has replaced church for many as the go-to place when they’re looking for a place to belong. We live in an age of fragmentation and increasing loneliness, especially in cities and amongst the elderly.

The gym has replaced the church as the place to belong

For a significant part of human history the church, mosque, synagogue, temple or shrine has been at the centre of community life. The life of the tribe revolved around these places of meeting. The community gathered with common values, common understanding, common beliefs. In many places, that’s

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Life Together: Ministry

This is the fourth in a series, taking an in-depth look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic, Life Together (Community, The day with others, The Day Alone, Confession & Communion). Bonhoeffer opens this chapter with a stark warning; we can destroy Christian community. One of the ways true Christian fellowship can

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Life Together: Community

This is the first in a series, taking an in-depth review of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic, Life Together (The Day with Others, The Day Alone, Ministry, Confession & Communion). What is the church and what kind of corporate life should it have? These are important questions, especially in an