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Reaching the Nations

Despite the fact that there are more Christians right now than ever before because of population growth there remains more people than ever before who have never heard of Christ. The missions task remains urgent. As Mike Betts says in his foreword to a new

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Nancy Pearcey and Jonathan Merritt spar on the hottest of hot topics This is a good discussion and Nancy Pearcey offers some excellent answers to hot topics and shows the strength of a consistent theology of the body. 5 reasons why I don’t always sit

6 tips to engage your community online

At Grace Church, even though we’re just a small church, we work hard at building community online and offline. We encourage engagement primarily using Facebook group and WhatsApp. Here’s our six tips – which we refine and try to practise.

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4 reasons to make your kids go to church And on that note also The Key to Saving Teenagers. Parents your kids need to see you love Jesus Active Listening: The Master Key to Effective Communication Such an important skill. This is worth the 11

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Spain surpasses 4,000 evangelical places of worship for the first time On the whole, there isn’t a lot of good news for evangelicals in Europe, but this would seem to be one of them. What the Hell do Bible Scholars do Anyway? Pronounce on whether

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How Alone We Really Are in one photo Told you so One of the Last Two Dead Sea Scrolls Has Been Decoded It provides illumination not exactly into the Bible but into the debates within Judaism around the time of Jesus. It’s also a good

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This is not a real church Tony Payne does a thought experiment on what is the essential essence of ‘church’ Bolivia Makes Evangelism a Crime The headline is a little misleading but a very ambiguous new penal code means it could be interpreted that way