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Parenting by Paul David Tripp

Book Review: Parenting

At least once a year I try to read a book about parenting. If I read too many books on parenting, I get confused and overwhelmed by all the different suggestions. I simply can’t introduce too many ideas or strategies into my parenting all at

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Christians, the early church & child abuse

One of the great tragedies of our day is that the church (and I use that in its widest form) has increasingly become known as a place where children have been abused. There are too many scandals, too much secrecy, too many cover ups of abusers

Confused: About children

One of the marks over contemporary society is the way it is so clearly confused over children. In many western societies there simply aren’t enough children being born. In the 1970s 1 in 10 women reached menopause without having children, in 2010 that rate was 1

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What church looks like for us right now

This is how Sunday mornings look like for us right now. We invite friends over around 10:30 and we have ‘fika’ – cakes and coffee and the kids play, then at some unfixed point we gather altogether and sing a few songs together. All the

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Children and the church

I was privileged to serve a church for ten years that highly valued children. Our second paid staff member was a gifted children’s worker. Many of our key investments of time and energy went into children and young people. A Kids Club that gathered (at