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Discussing abortion in the public square

Recently in the UK, Conservative politician and Catholic Jacob Rees-Mogg (and yes he is as posh as his name suggests) was interviewed on UK breakfast television and he was questioned about his views on same-sex marriage and abortion. You can watch the interview here. Which

The Curiosity Index (06.04.2017)

Tomorrow we’re off to South Carolina so expect intermittent service of the Index next week. Get More Done By Working Less This, describes me, far too often: “While we work 8 or more hours a day, most of that is just busywork.” Why I’m an

Abortion: re-engaging with the issue

Growing up in a Christian family and having spent the majority of my life in the church, it has not been hard for me to accept that abortion is wrong. However, the numbers of moments when I have ever taken a stand against and actually done something

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Post birth abortion = infanticide = murder

As you might expect this paper proposing the sightly innocuous sounding post-birth abortion is causing more than a little stir. For some early reactions read Matt Hosier, Andy Lowe, Dan Hayter, Adrian Warnock and the list will just get longer. This is a cause to be

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How will we be judged?

Tim Challies had an interesting piece reflecting on how history may look back on this part of church history. He reflects on three areas which he considers blindspots – abortion, creation care and slavery. This is interesting because it’s not the thing you’d normally expect

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Contraception and the beginning of life (part 2)

So here’s my response to yesterday’s ethical dilemma but here’s the heart of my response…(slightly edited version) “A nice easy question for me. We went through the same issue not long after we were married and so we spent quiet some time looking into it.

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Contraception and the beginning of life (part 1)

I often find the question ‘what does a church leader actually do?’ because there’s so much variety that neat categories rarely fit. Plus some of the things I do have little value to a non-believer. Preparing talks? Very productive. Anyway, here’s a question I was

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Abortion not just an American issue

Abortion is big issue. It’s an important issue. But I’ve never lived in a country where it wasn’t readily available and I’ve not lived in a country where Christians are almost a majority, so the temperature of the debate in the US has always surprised