Book Review: Audio, Video and Media in the Ministry

I don’t know why I was selected to review this book, I’m not particularly qualified but I reviewed it for Christianity magazine, so here it is.


audio‘The importance of the media team in enhancing the church’s ministry cannot be overstated’. I beg to differ. There’s no question that these days any church embracing technology (even as basic as a microphone or projector) needs competent and servant-hearted people who will selflessly and often thanklessly make things work. However, in many places the church manages to grow quite well without ever using stage lighting.

Having got that off my chest, this book would I’m sure be helpful in the training and equipping of the audio, video and media teams. It covers incredibly practical and helpful topics such as the correct placing of microphones with different musical instruments, dealing with musicians and feedback. It covers the bases in all the different areas of sound, projection, lighting, recording, websites and networking and makes this a useful and reliable resource to give to your sound wizard or to the person you hope will be your sound wizard soon.

HIGH: A helpful training manual to give to the PA team.

LOW: It’s a manual.

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