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I’m an avid reader and bibliophile. One of the main things I regularly try and do on this blog is to read and review books, promote books and point to books that others have read. So this is what you’ll find here

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Here are some of the latest book reviews

Book Review: Them

The world is full of conspiracies and when you meet the people that really believe them, the truth gets blurry ...
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Book Review: Parenting

At least once a year I try to read a book about parenting. If I read too many books on ...
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Book Review: Sophie Scholl & The White Rose

In the history of resistance movements the one in Nazi Germany was at best a mixed affair. Failing to gain ...
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Book Review: Holy Warriors

Jihad, suicide bombers, ISIS, Syria, Paris, Brussels - the list of horrors associated with Islam is long and growing.  Since ...
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