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Don't Mess With Your Blog

Oh my goodness! I was getting a bit tired of the standard blogger template and thought I’d personalise it a bit. I spent all day on it after I practically ruined my blog with endless ‘innovations’. Don’t be a tinker, don’t tinker! Really don’t touch,

The Church is Judgmental and Negative

This is the 2nd part (follow links for part 1) of my evaluation of They Like Jesus But Not the Church and whether the same issues apply here in the UK. I’m pretty sure that as the church is made up of humans that there will be

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Book Review: They Like Jesus But Not the Church

I’ve just read They Like Jesus But Not The Church and I’m going to have do some experiments. Kimball’s theory based on a number of out-of-church experiences and conversations is that people are open to knowing more about Jesus but that more often than not

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Refreshed and Recharged

Just got back from Together on a Mission conference in Brighton. I chose not to live-blog it like Adrian Warnock so if you want to know more head there. It was a great time, I just so enjoyed worshipping God with thousands of others and

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The Nomadic Church

The church I lead meets in a school – it can be a right pain. Toilets facilities are inadequate and sometimes vandalised.  Recently a first time visitor commented how distracted in worship she was by the healthy eating posters of jacket potatoes and milk around