My top posts of 2012

2012 was a slightly quieter year for me on the blogging front but its always interesting to see what posts have attracted the most interest. I’ve stripped out pictures and pages because, oddly enough, the most visited page on my blog after the home page is people looking for the Bank of England logo.

Still here in reverse order are the top 10 most read posts of the last year (and in brackets where they rank on the all-time list)

10. (29) Can’t claim to have done anything other than quoted a prayer but this prayer for Communion was visited regularly

9. (28) Gender makes its first but not last appearance in this list as I ask questions about how Galatians 3:28 has been used.

8. (25) Who was Junia and was she an apostle? A cameo appearance causes disproportionate debate.

7. (2) Here’s one from 2011, following the first Elephant Room event. David Platt and James MacDonald discussed money and I thought they were both wrong

6. (19) I’m now a church planter in a capital city but are cities as important as some make out? Andrew Wilson jumps on my bandwagon may answer that question

5. (13) I spent a good portion of 2012 thinking through The Lord’s Supper and this post on Scriptures for Communion went down well

4. (12) Gender roles continue to provoke much discussion and debate and my post on what the Bible clearly says women can do was both well read and misunderstood in equal measure. Which isn’t exactly surprising.

3. (8) How do you solve a problem like Deborah? Unsurprisingly another post about gender roles proved ‘popular’ thanks in large part to a plug from Think Theology

2. (6) This short summary of the kingdom of God in Luke’s gospel pushed it to the number 2 spot.

1. (1) At number 1 is this post from 2011 which is my most popular ever post, shows that controversy never truly goes away. Do Rob Bell, Tim Keller and CS Lewis agree on hell?

So if I want to attract visitors and readers then writing about gender would seem to be the way forward. Clearly for many the debate is still confusing, still gets the passions running high. Not sure I need the aggro in my life though. Thoughts anyone?

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