The Curiosity Index (20.02.2017)

Sweden says, say what?

So Sweden has found itself in the spotlight thanks to a certain reference in a certain speech by a certain buffoon president. It seems Mr Trump gets his international perspective the same way the rest of us do, by watching TV. And that particular news report is incredibly biased.

Now I’m not arguing that Sweden is perfect (looong way from that my friends) and there are big issues with integration but Sweden is a lot safer than, say umm…Chicago. And this was posted last year but if you’re looking for a haven for middle-eastern Christians, well that’s in Sweden too.

How Tube stations got their unusual names

The story behind ten of them….

33 thoughts on reading

6 is essential, still struggle with 8 and I don’t want to believe 16

The hackers trying to solve the problem of death

Because you know technology can solve everything….

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