The Curiosity Index (17.03.2017)

I’m just beginning to get the energy for my week, unfortunately it’s Friday already. I’ve peaked in so many ways.

Here Are the Ages You Peak at Everything Throughout Life

This made for depressing reading on a Friday morning as I realised my chances of winning a Nobel prize are diminishing.

What Christianity in China Is Really Like

It’s what you think. Except not. Basically you can’t generalise in a country of over a billion people and you cannot generalise 100 million of them.

Has Preaching Had its Day?

Ian Paul asks the question and then helpfully gives the answer. Sort of, but not really.

Introducing: the world’s largest organized crime syndicate

Known to the rest of us as North Korea.

What is an active house?

Jeremy Williams fills you in.

Have a good weekend. The Index returns on Monday.

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