The Curiosity Index (10.03.2017)

It’s been a weird winter here – lots of snow followed by mild weather which makes it all melt. Followed by lots of snow which then quickly melts.

An altogether Superior Person

I honestly believe that I should have at least some of these titles but Kim Jong-Il beat me to it.

How Ikea’s Billy bookcase took over the world

They certainly have in my house – I have over 10 of them.

Divine opportunity

Grace Church‘s very own Hannah Chapman gives a good example of why we should be praying to speak of Jesus with others.

Lent – never going to give you up

I like what Richard Perkins has to say about Lent.

Obviously, I think there’s some value in observing Lent. But I’m not planning to. I’m just going to keep ploughing on with the same old, same old. Not because I can’t be improved upon. I can. And I probably should. But I don’t have to. So, I’m not going to. Not this time, it’s crept up on me unawares and I haven’t really prepared anything for it. But that’s OK because Christ’s death is all about forgiveness.

The Super-Cool story of Jesus

It is cool, isn’t it?

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