The Curiosity Index (06.04.2017)

Tomorrow we’re off to South Carolina so expect intermittent service of the Index next week.

Get More Done By Working Less

This, describes me, far too often: “While we work 8 or more hours a day, most of that is just busywork.”

Why I’m an abortion doctor in the deep South

I don’t agree with Dr Willie Parker on his position or as a Christian his reasoning, but this is a powerful piece of writing and those of us who object to abortion would do well to read and consider it carefully.

One act of sexual intercourse has brought these women here, but on the day of their abortion, the men are on the outskirts of their lives, waiting for them in trucks or SUVs they keep idling in the parking lot or by the curb. This, the abortion clinic, is a woman’s world.

The Three Myths of Cohabitation

Christianity Today has a good article on a recent study highlighting differences between co-habiting & marriage.

In the vast majority of countries that we looked at in Europe, at all education levels, people who are married when they have kids are markedly more stable than people who are cohabiting when they have their kids. Generally speaking, the least educated married families in Europe enjoy more stability than the most educated cohabiting families. That’s not what I would have guessed.

 A growing church in Madrid

One of the joys of being in an international family of churches is hearing of the Gospel growing all over the world. Here’s a little update from some friends in Madrid.

How many books will you read before you die?

It largely depends on how old you are but I was a little shocked to learn that I’ve probably less than 2,000 books to go. Choose carefully.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn

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