The Curiosity Index (03.04.2017)

After an unexpected week’s absence the sorely missed Index has returned. I hear your gasps of relief.

The Strange Persistence of Guilt

David Brooks of the NYT has a great column on guilt. Think about this sentence and western civilization.

And yet we have no clear framework or set of rituals to guide us in our quest for goodness. Worse, people have a sense of guilt and sin, but no longer a sense that they live in a loving universe marked by divine mercy, grace and forgiveness. There is sin but no formula for redemption.

What Christians Should Know About Intersectionality

I’d follow that up with reading this by Joe Carter who explains a key concept (particular in the increase of groups which feel victimised in society). Here is the positive:

For Christians, one of the most valuable contributions of intersection theory is that it can help us recognize that various types of structural sin in our world (such as structural racism) can intersect in ways that produce a “multiplier effect,” which can sometimes cause greater harm to individuals caught within such intersections….

Using this lens can also help us when we read and study the Bible, reminding us that many biblical characters suffered multiple forms of oppression that compounded their misery in unique ways (e.g., Ruth and Naomi, who were both female and poor).

Gospel fluency is like sarcasm

The antidote to all this is the Gospel. I’d never heard of Jackie Hill Perry before but I love hearing her talk about the Gospel. Watch this for 5 minutes. “The gospel should inform everything!” Amen.

Church Planting Resource Bundles

My friends at the Broadcast network have produced some excellent free resources on church planting. If that’s you, go check them out.

What is a VPN and is it legal?

WIRED gives you the low down.

25+ Creative Bookcases with a Modern Twist

My personal favourites are the bookcases that reveal a secret room and expand magically.


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