Miscellaneous: The last links

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did one of these so hopefully there’s some good stuff stored up but this may be the last one I do. I’ve started using twitter for sharing links as it is more immediate form of sharing. You can follow my twitterfeed and there are links plus latest tweets on the site.

  1. Why don’t Americans recycle? Good question answered in a graphic
  2. Is church about the superstar pastor? You’ve got to hope not.
  3. Easter is already an age away but here are some photos of how Easter is celebrated around the world. Beautiful and bizarre.
  4. This is the church and consumerism almost at it’s worst. It’s church as game show.
  5. Talking of photos, here are 30 from inside North Korea. How long can this state carry on like this?
  6. Here’s one more graphic for you. Which country has the largest stash of gold? No real surprises who’s at number 1.
  7. Last one…and it will take an hour of your time. David Platt preaches on death-defying mission

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