I link therefore I am (28.02.2011)

4 thoughts on “I link therefore I am (28.02.2011)”

  1. Marcus Honeysett says:

    Absolutely right about the next controversy. The TGC blog post seems, at the very least, premature. The teaser video doesn’t actually say which way Bell will come down on these questions.

    I suspect that even approaching the subject reignites some of the (understandable) intense concerns provoked by Steve Chalke a few years back. It is hard to do balanced critique when you feel that core essentials are possibly about to be undermined, but we have to be very careful before we let that force us into pre-emptive critique of what we assume someone is about to say.

    Even when we need to distance ourselves from clear false teaching, pre-deciding the case isn’t usually the way to thoughtful, reasoned, evaluation and response.

    1. Simplepastor says:

      Couldn’t agree more – well said, Marcus. We do need to be careful of firing early shots as that just leads to entrenched positions from which no one can move.

  2. matthew hosier says:

    Not sure I quite agree with you! It has been fairly obvious Bell is heading in this direction for a long time – it is the inevitable trajectory of his theology. And I’m not sure how wise the post you link to is – I am a bit of a Barth fan, and while I can’t claim to have read the Dogmatics, I do own the complete set, and have read several hundred pages of it; and even after hundreds of pages it is not clear exactly what KB is actually saying about this matter, which I think is more an indictment than a commendation! I’m all for nuance, but sometimes nuance piled on nuance just makes everything cloudy. So overall I’d say that the response of the likes of Josh Harris is the wiser one, http://www.joshharris.com/2011/02/why_we_need_the_doctrine_of_th.php

    1. Simplepastor says:

      Well blogging would be very dull if we always agreed! True KB wasn’t exactly known for his concise, clear unambiguous position statements but then neither is Rob Bell. He’s done very well saying things that sound decidedly unorthodox but when you read more closely it’s not exactly what he’s saying. Anyway we shall see…It’s all very good for his book sales

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