I link therefore I am (25.02.2011)

OK, I’m getting near the end of February and just a few moments ago it was the end of January.

  • This post should be titled ‘Get married and have better sex’ instead it’s called ‘Is divorce becoming less socially acceptable?’ Either way it’s quite interesting.
  • Sticking with the marriage theme Austen Ivereigh sticks his head into the lion’s mouth by defending marriage in The Guardian.
  • Lastly on marriage check out the discussions at Peter Ould’s blog
  • Martin Charlesworth asks ‘what makes charismatic-evangelical churches tick?’ Has he missed anything?
  • No one wants disaster but it provides the opportunity for a church to demonstrate compassion. Here’s the blog of a pastor in Christchurch, NZ
  • This photo essay shows the global reach of China

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