Swipely: Social network for consumers

John Stott is well known for saying that Christians have to take part in double listening, that of ‘listening to the Word and listening to the world, so that we can know how to apply the never changing Word in an ever changing world.’

I admit I often tend to end up doing more listening to the world than the Word but I’m working on it. Anyway, what does it tell you about the world when you come across something like this.

Swipely is a new social network (like we need another one) or perhaps more accurately something we can add into Facebook. Here’s the gist,

‘Essentially, with the swipe or a card or a simple mention, you can share with your network (or the world) what you just bought with your piece of plastic. ¬†After sharing it with the swipe of a card, you can talk about it, rate it, discuss the overall buying experience with anyone.’ – The Social Capitalist

Now maybe this is just me, but I’ve almost never talked about a buying experience – it’s never really been an experience at all. Our level of conversation is reduced to our purchases, the level of our relationships is reduced to where we shopped and what we bought. Not what we read or what we thought but what we bought. Don’t do it.

2 thoughts on “Swipely: Social network for consumers”

  1. Al Shaw says:

    It’s a clever tool to encourage “natural” word of mouth recommendations and brand awareness (which most companies regard as the holy grail of advertising).

    Avoid, avoid.

    1. Simplepastor says:

      Wise advice Al.

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