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Journey of a Church Planter: Emma Whittall in Stockholm

My friend Hazel Flood asked my wife Emma to write on her blog and Hazel kindly allowed me to republish it here including Hazel’s introduction and closing question. I’m delighted to welcome Emma Whittall to the blog today. Emma and her family planted a church

Religion in Sweden

What to say about faith in Sweden? How do you read the numbers?  Is God dead in Europe or not? Is the news of the demise of Christianity in Sweden premature? Well, depends where you look. Wherever you look though most reckon on around 3-5% of

10 things that are a little strange about life in Sweden

It’s only fair after having pointed out 10 things that I’ve found to be a little better about life in Sweden, to think about the reverse. Switching cultures and countries you spot things that stand out; sometimes because they’re better and sometimes because they’re not.

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Off to Sweden

So today I’m off to Sweden for a week, a few days in Malmo (SW Sweden) and a few days near Kalmar (SE Sweden) looking to see where we might base ourselves for language learning over the next year or so. If you remember prayers

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Live longer (move to Sweden)

It should come as no surprise that I’ll be blogging about the country that in a few months time I’ll begin to call ‘home’. Many church planters will actively promote the ‘influence’ of their city like various sorts of religious tourist agencies. I’ll no doubt

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Moving to Stockholm – How we knew God’s will

Yesterday I wrote about the process we went through over about 6 or 7 months in coming to the conclusion that we are to move to Sweden to church plant again. I’d thought I’d unpack those elements a little bit so they can be viewed

Moving to Stockholm – how it came to this

This is a lightly edited version of the statement I presented to our church members about the guidance we believe we have with regards to our decision to move to Sweden. I’ve posted it for a number of reasons. Openness. I think it’s important to

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Moving to Stockholm

I thought I’d end the year with a big announcement and this is it. We believe God is calling us to church plant into the capital of Sweden. There’s a lot to do, a lot to say and we probably won’t move into Stockholm until