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The Curiosity Index (09.03.2017)

I’m on my way back to Stockholm from a quick visit to Exoduskyrkan in Göteborg. Sweden’s second city needs pioneers and Christians willing to serve the church. If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you. A miraculous healing God heals today – don’t let

The Curiosity Index (07.03.2017)

Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Deterrent The fact that this question is even being raised and discussed is a sign that there are a lot of nervous people in the corridors of power. It’s a false sense of security if you believe nuclear weapons will

The Curiosity Index (06.03.2017)

So did you miss me? The silence is deafening….anyhoo Sweden is restoring the draft And like a lot of news stories these days, it has to do with Russia Europe’s most godless country And the winner is…Iceland The mammoth returns A couple of weeks back

The Curiosity Index (23.02.2017)

After today there’ll be a pause on the Curiosity Index for a week, as we’re travelling to the UK. Killed for Christ in the Amazon I’m going to start with this. The BBC ran a profile on Jim Elliot. Very cool. War on truth If

The Curiosity Index (22.02.2017)

Next week I’m travelling in the UK and although I hope there will be some scheduled posts there won’t be any Curiosity Index for a week. I know, I know…. Blessed are the peacemakers In a world that seems ever more divided people doing things like

The Curiosity Index (21.02.2017)

After a couple of days unintentional absence we’re back and we’re not the only ones Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection I do hope this isn’t fake news. Still it also point us creepily into the world of Jurassic Park. The Doomsday Clock JSTOR gives

The Curiosity Index (20.02.2017)

Sweden says, say what? So Sweden has found itself in the spotlight thanks to a certain reference in a certain speech by a certain buffoon president. It seems Mr Trump gets his international perspective the same way the rest of us do, by watching TV.

The Curiosity Index (16.02.2017)

Just a few items today…I’m getting harder to please. On Synod, sexuality, and not ‘Taking note’ I’m not an Anglican and honestly find it hard to understand so much fighting over an institution but for those that care, Ian Paul gives his account of yesterdays goings