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The Curiosity Index (16.03.2017)

I’m really enjoying reading John Ortberg’s Who is this Man? I can really recommend it as a go to book for seekers on the person of Jesus. The Benedict Option in Percentages Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option is gaining considerable attention in the States and I guess

The Curiosity Index (15.03.2017)

So back to it after a major headache interrupted my writing. Apologies. Complaining Never Wins the Culture Trevin Wax with a good article at Desiring God on the problem of grumbling over gratitude. Jesus still speaks to his church: Do everything without grumbling. You want to

The Curiosity Index (10.03.2017)

It’s been a weird winter here – lots of snow followed by mild weather which makes it all melt. Followed by lots of snow which then quickly melts. An altogether Superior Person I honestly believe that I should have at least some of these titles

The Curiosity Index (09.03.2017)

I’m on my way back to Stockholm from a quick visit to Exoduskyrkan in Göteborg. Sweden’s second city needs pioneers and Christians willing to serve the church. If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you. A miraculous healing God heals today – don’t let

The Curiosity Index (07.03.2017)

Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Deterrent The fact that this question is even being raised and discussed is a sign that there are a lot of nervous people in the corridors of power. It’s a false sense of security if you believe nuclear weapons will

The Curiosity Index (06.03.2017)

So did you miss me? The silence is deafening….anyhoo Sweden is restoring the draft And like a lot of news stories these days, it has to do with Russia Europe’s most godless country And the winner is…Iceland The mammoth returns A couple of weeks back

The Curiosity Index (23.02.2017)

After today there’ll be a pause on the Curiosity Index for a week, as we’re travelling to the UK. Killed for Christ in the Amazon I’m going to start with this. The BBC ran a profile on Jim Elliot. Very cool. War on truth If

The Curiosity Index (22.02.2017)

Next week I’m travelling in the UK and although I hope there will be some scheduled posts there won’t be any Curiosity Index for a week. I know, I know…. Blessed are the peacemakers In a world that seems ever more divided people doing things like