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Intersex: A short primer

There was a time (actually not all that long ago) where it seemed that the issue of gender was fairly straightforward, there were two of them, one male and one female. Yet humans are far more complicated than that. This relates not so much to the

What is truth? The battle for identity

It’s a question I’m not sure anyone expected to be wrestling with, ‘what makes a person black?’ because at one very basic level the answer seems obvious – the colour of your skin. Yet as with the case of Rachel Dolezal, nothing is quite that

Four observations about the transgender debate

“But beyond this, my child, be warned: the writing of many blogs about Caitlyn Jenner  is endless, and excessive devotion to blogs about Caitlyn Jenner is wearying to the body.” That’s pretty much what I think the writer of Ecclesiastes would say after the most recent

The masculine and feminine God

When it comes to discussing gender and faith where should you start? Well, the nature of God would seem to be a good place, although even here it is contended ground. On the egalitarian side is the statement: God is spirit. So Claire Jones in an

The state of men

Something is wrong with boys & men: this, of course, is not news to anyone. The causes and solutions are much debated but something is up. There are problems that seem to be getting worse. Take for example education. Girls are outclassing boys at school and

Woman pulling luggage in airport

Like luggage

“In our country the women are going on ahead and the men are being dragged along like luggage. The problem is not with the women, the problem is with the men.” So said my new friend while I was quizzing him and his wife about

Celebrating difference

We had an interesting discussion at church on Sunday, seated round our kitchen table, sparked off by Colossians 3:18-4:1. One of the women related how, on the child minding course she is studying, she received lower marks for not agreeing to the idea that boys

The gender conversation 4: Faith & feminism

There’s no doubting that gender continues to occupy a lot of time, space & energy in the church. It regularly raises the emotions and generates a lot of heat and little light. It can also put Christians into camps where the ‘the other side’ can