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Let's Go – Day Four

Flipping heck, it’s taken me nearly a week to complete this, where does the time go? I’m too busy posting comments on other people’s blogs, that’s my problem. Anyway Day Four was a great finale. We had John Cardinal and his family, from Bristol, with

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More on Community

I love this…suddenly almost out of nowhere people are talking about community, what does it mean, what does it look like, how do we do it, should we even bother? Follow Tim’s thoughts here or Matt’s thoughts here. I’ll need to get off my backside and

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Building community

Great post from my mate Tim Simmonds on his thoughts about community (or lack thereof) in the church after reading this blog.

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Let's Go – Day Three

This is a bit of a cheat as Day 3 happened a few days ago but ‘better late than never’ according to my mum. Actually being late wasn’t a great idea on that front so I’m not sure she’s saying what she really thinks.  Anyway, Day 3

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Watching the body in action

Today was a good day. Our little church is preparing for mission (I know we’re always on a mission but the next few weeks are a little higher profile) and we needed to get a job done – we needed to label 6000 newspapers with

The Church is Homophobic

In evaluating They Like Jesus But Not The Church I concluded that there are some differences between how emerging generations in the US and UK react to the church (see here and here) as well as some similarities (see here). I think this topic has to be chalked