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Planting a Church Is Lonely

John Starke at The Gospel Coalition has a good article on church planting in major cities. Here are some things that stood out to me and that I have really identified with during the last five years here in Stockholm. The Need Right now, in

Five essential marks of biblical ecclesiology

If the church in the West is to recover and rediscover its calling and identity it would help if we knew clearly the New Testament pattern and the marks that characterised the early church. Over at Lausanne Church Planting Network they recently published an article

Recruit. Reach. Reap. Reproduce

Back in October I travelled to Malaga, Spain for a church planting conference with our Relational Mission family of churches. It was an excellent time together full of warmth (not just the weather), hunger for God, desire to see the kingdom extend and the world to


Today I’m flying to Malaga, Spain for our Relational Mission church planting conference. It’s an interesting time to be visiting Spain. Spain has one of the longest Christian histories, we know that Paul wanted to go and minister there (Rom 15:24). Southern Spain was one

A diverse church

Recently Justin Taylor has shared some helpful posts on diversity in the church. One of the greatest things I’ve discovered since moving to Sweden is the joy of being in a diverse church and sharing with people the plan of God to have a redeemed people

A church empowered by the Spirit

At Grace Church we’re in a series looking at our convictions & aspirations when it comes to church & discipleship. It is about saying what we believe to be true and at the same time what we wish to be true for us (but may not always

Recreating the Hanseatic League for spiritual purposes

I know cessationists are often curious as to how the prophetic actually works or what use it is. I think the following is a good example of the Holy Spirit speaks into something to give both energy and direction. In this case the planting of churches