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Of the writing, buying & reading of books there is no end

If you don’t love books; buying them, looking at them, smelling them and even on occasion reading them, then this article is not for you. The book occupies a special place in the history of civilisation. It is a very adaptable piece of technology and has been

How big was Thessalonica?

I don’t suppose this question has ever particularly troubled you (leave a comment if it has) but it has bothered me. We’ve recently begun studying the book of 1 Thessalonians and so I’ve been boning up. The majority of my reference books and commentaries (not

Soren Kierkegaard & the attack on Christendom

There are quite a few things Scandinavian which have shaped the world we live in – IKEA, Lego, Santa Claus but maybe not so many that have shaped how people in the west think. One man, a Dane, stands out above all other contenders – Soren

10 years of blogging

It’s become a bit of a habit in recent years. Christmas rolls around and I decide to have another crack at writing more consistently on this blog. What I do next, is to not, you know actually write something, but to mess around with a new theme

We all need to be journalists now

We live in an age which has seen a massive erosion of trust in traditional sources of news and information. Given President-elect Trump’s struggle with honesty (he keeps falling off the wagon), it’s unlikely to get better in the short-term. Bias and agenda are ‘seen’

Questions about the Trinity

My previous questioner also had a raft of questions specifically about the Trinity. The trinity isn’t the easiest doctrine and understanding or explaining well can be tricky so have a think how you might answer these questions: How is it possible for three separate living things

Questions about Christianity

I can’t remember who gave me these questions but at some point I must have said to someone, ‘ask anything you like about Christianity, it can stand up for itself. It either has good answers or it doesn’t’ and then I got this list in