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Relational-MissionSometimes things take a long time to come to fruition. It was more than two years since Mike Betts and I began talking about a book that would try to capture the heart of what it means to be a part of the Relational Mission family of churches. What are the things we care about and want to give ourselves to?

Since then the book has gone through a number of revisions, large and small but finally we’ve got there.

So I’m pleased to say that next week at their Leadership Conference we’ll be launching the book.

Here’s what we’re trying to do:


    • Everyone committed to pray together, and everyone committed to share the gospel together?
    • It was marked by deep, genuine and lasting friendships, and was a place marked by love for a broken world?
    • It equipped the next generation and gave itself to starting more churches, just like this one?
    • It didn’t stand apart from others, but worked in partnership with other churches for the sake of the mission?
    • It made a diligent ongoing attempt to build on New Testament values, combining word and Spirit, relationship and mission?

Mike Betts is convinced that this should not just be a dream, but instead the reality for every local church. By forging relationship and mission together, familiar ideas find new power and fresh hope for the future of the church.

Putting these things together, though, is not a course or a programme, but instead values that embed themselves deep in your soul.

Here’s what a few people have said about the book so far:

In this book Mike Betts sets out a manifesto for the 21st century church. Whether you want to know more about the Relational Mission network, or you are seeking to understand how to see the church grow into a movement in our generation, this book is invaluable. It is packed full of hard-won and profound wisdom and principles of secure, godly, visionary leadership that will lead to multiplication and growth. Highly recommended.

Rev Paul Maconochie, USA National Team Leader of 3D Movements

Here’s a book packed with warmth and wisdom from a leader who has put in the hard years of service. Mike’s love for Christ and His church resonate through these pages. Read and be encouraged, provoked and challenged.

Dr Krish Kandiah, President of London School of Theology and Founder and Director of Home for Good

This is such a helpful account of the exciting story of how Relational Mission came to be what it is today. I am convinced that future generations will find it an invaluable resource for the years to come. Standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before always gives us a much better view of the future.

Dave Holden, Leader of the New Ground network of churches

A warm, open, clear introduction to Mike’s journey, values and passion, which makes Relational Mission so fruitful.

Steve TibbertSenior Pastor of King’s Church London and part of Newfrontiers

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mike’s book as it describes what Relational Mission is about in down to earth, reachable terms, which many will find helpful and stimulating. He has conveyed a love for God, people, prayer and mission which is invigorating and full of faith. A helpful tool for kingdom advance.

Angela Kemm, prophetic teacher for City Church Cambridge and Relational Mission

You can pre-order it from Amazon

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