My ten (now eleven) most popular posts of 2010 *updated*

It’s often fascinated me which posts have caught the attention both of the regular reader and occasionally wider afield. Those posts aren’t always the ones I spend most time on or the ones I care most about. So here are my ten most popular posts of the past year (book reviews have been stripped out as that was another post). *updated 27.12.2010 due to some late blog post reading*

  1. It was bound to happen… By far and away the most read post all year. In the wake of the media attack on Philippa Stroud. I made some reflections on being a charismatic Christian in the UK. This is the spike this post generated.
  2. Political issues: Afghanistan & Defence. I was surprised by this one but pretty much every day somebody searches ‘Afghanistan’ and comes to read this post. Slightly disappointing that no one has commented even to disagree.
  3. Why secularists hate Christian youth festivals. This one picked up quite a bit of attention and rightly so, as the ideas expressed presented a challenge to religious freedom.
  4. A Storm called Brian. Brian McLaren’s latest book kicked off a blog storm with many saying he’d lost the orthodox plot. This was discouraging.
  5. Moving to Stockholm. A late entry but rising fast, our end of year news that the Whittalls are going to church plant into the capital of Sweden.
  6. Total Church conference report. In February I went to this conference and I wrote a report. Quite a lot of people have read it. What more can I say?
  7. A vision for the High Street. This was a significant personal event for me, after 6 years I’m no longer involved in the day to day running of a Christian bookshop. It’s been great to see how Christians in Shrewsbury have supported this vision and kept it alive.
  8. *new entry* The most repugnant idea ever. Dawkins articulates the heart of Christianity and completely rejects it.
  9. The new name. We’ve merged two churches and we’ve chosen a new name. This was it.
  10. Awesome People. This video has been another fast rising star, it may still climb higher!
  11. Anna Grace Whittall. The most significant personal event of 2010 though was the birth of child no 2 but daughter no 1. She’s a beautiful, smiley, easy-going joy in our life. *I couldn’t leave this one out!*

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