Looking ahead to 2011

In terms of decision making 2010 was quite a year and in 2011 I get to follow through on some of those decisions. There are a number of challenges ahead:

  1. In January we launch Hope Church and as a church begin Just 10. We’ll also apply to universities in Sweden. At the end of January I’ll bring some teaching from Philippians to York CU at their houseparty.
  2. In February I visit Sweden and try and work out where we’ll live for 9 months or so, plus pray and fast with Newfrontiers leaders.
  3. We need to raise enough finance to support us as a family for language learning, ministry and moving twice in a year first to Sweden and then to Stockholm.
  4. We need to find somewhere to live somewhere in Sweden.
  5. We’re already beginning language learning but it’s a challenge to find the mental energy to do that plus raise kids, our jobs, sort the house and prepare to move.
  6. In May it will be my last Soul Purpose.
  7. In June we’ll begin saying goodbye to our UK friends and family!
  8. Throughout the first six months of the year we’ll keep team building for Stockholm, have a day for those interested and visit Stockholm to make advance plans
  9. By July we need to have sold or rented our house and move to Sweden after the last Brighton leaders conference. In this month Noah will turn 3 and Anna will hit her first birthday.
  10. In August we make a brief return to England for Emma’s brother’s wedding but generally relax and get used to our new home.
  11. In September we begin some language course or other at a destination as yet unknown.

So not exactly sitting back and chilling out then….

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