Bibliophilia (24.02.2011)


  • Mark Meynell does some of the best reviews around. Here’s his on Carl Trueman’s Republocrat
  • The Urban Pastor reviews Graham Beynon’s Planting for the Gospel: ‘quite simply, the best book on church planting that I’ve ever read’
  • Gary McMurray has read The Archer and the Arrow by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond.
  • Adrian Warnock reviews Michael Spencer’s Churchianity (2nd part here)
  • Andy Robinson does a very long and exhaustive review of Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis. He didn’t like it.
  • I don’t include Tim Challies reviews any more because most people read his blog anyway but as a fan of chess (even though I’m not very good at it) I thought I’d include this review of Endgame by Frank Brady about the life of chess legend Bobby Fischer




Tim Challies has a new book coming up and I like the sound of it. We need to think about technology more. Here’s the promo video

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