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A bibliophilia special

I’m an unashamed bibliophile and I used to run a regular links post called bibliophilia. So as I clear out my links, here’s a special – all you could possibly want related to books Reading Can you really read a book a week? The Rise of Digital

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A bumper Bibliophilia (04.08.2011)

Although I’ve not been blogging I have been reading blogs over the past few weeks and I’ve starred various items in Google Reader for just this moment so today is chock full of reading, writing, bookish goodness. Reviews Mark Heath has reviewed A Praying Life

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Bibliophilia (14.07.2011)

Book Reviews Mary Brown reviews Tim Keller’s A Generous Justice and says, ‘Keller’s book is deeply convicting; he cuts to the heart of the excuses Christians make for themselves and calls the church to radically rethink its attitude to all forms of social justice.’ Gary McMurray

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Bibliophilia (07.07.2011)

The removal van arrives tomorrow. Ready? I think, not quite. Book Reviews From the offices of The Economist a discussion on the best business books of all time Writing reviews John Starke offers his (good) thoughts on how to write a good book review. It’s

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Bibliophilia (30.06.201)

Book Reviews Marcus Honeysett comes late to the party but suitably attired with this insightful review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, ‘The questions Bell raises therefore are not just about Hell. They are about whether the God of the Bible is good. His conclusions –

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Bibliophilia (23.06.2011)

Book Reviews Peter Ould has a review of Jenell Williams Paris’ The End of Sexual Identity, ‘Paris calls instead for a view of sexual holiness that has far more to do with Christ then culture.’ Prospero has an audio review of three books on philanthropy

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Bibliophilia (16.06.2011)

Reviews Gary has reviewed John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage, ‘It is suitable for all people, not just marrieds, and will be profitable because of its faithfulness to the Scripture and the God of marriage.’ Jeremy has reviewed Tom Hodgkinson’s The Idle Parent: ‘As always with

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Bibliophilia (09.06.2011)

Reviews For fans of historical fiction Nicola Blacklaws has read The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory, ‘Gregory never fails in treating history and historical figures with respect and as much accuracy as possible, without being so cautious that she loses the great, gripping story that