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The water of life is not for sale

If you can buy or sell it, it’s not the water of life. “To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.” — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) April 28, 2013

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Housecleaning: Updates to this site

I’ve been blogging for some time now (since 2006 in fact) and this blog has been through any number of changes. I am an inveterate tinkerer, it’s possible that I am un-reformable in this regard. I’ve moved the blog from blogger to wordpress, changed themes and

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Good news to the poor?

In Luke 4:18 Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah and announces that those words were being fulfilled – good news to the poor. There are four basic questions about that phrase that require answering. What is the news? Why is it good? Who are the poor? Why