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I link therefore I am (26.10.10)

This has a budget cuts theme to it Jubilee Centre continues to ask ‘whose money is it anyway?’ My friend Jon doesn’t pull his punches on what he thinks: ‘This is your excuse for laying into nice Mr Cameron and his liberal desperate sidekick, who

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Last Friday was Blog Action Day and thousands of bloggers all shared one theme to raise it’s profile. Water. To my shame I was too busy and hadn’t pre-written anything. So here are some water related facts they sent me: The problem of scarce clean

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I link therefore I am (22.10.10)

A bumper set of links for you to get you through the weekend. Take your time there’s some good stuff here. This I think is just an excellent set of honest posts. Really some of the best sort of personal blogging, helpful, raw, faith filled.

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Help research a simpler life

As you may know I’m a part of the Breathe Network and Breathe is being made the subject of a piece of doctoral research by Ruth Valerio, author of L is for Lifestyle, who many of you will know from our Breathe gatherings. Ruth wants

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Bibliophilia (21.10.10)

Reviews Mark Meynell has a great review of Tim Keller’s Generous Justice. A book says he has, ‘been waiting for years for someone to write this book.’ Sticking with things Keller. Tim Chester has reviewed the DVD of The Reason for God, ‘Highly recommended’ My

Know your calling

I did a simple study on the word call. Know you are a sinner: “And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous,

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Mustard Seed Faith

If any of you are in London on Monday night (25th October 2010) have a think about going to LICC for an evening with Tom & Christine Sine ‘to inspire you to live more simply in order to follow Jesus. Breathe are partnering with LICC,