Daily Archives: 28th August 2008

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The Year of Living Biblically

AJ Jacobs is an Esquire journalist who loves to immerse himself into his projects, in this talk he shares on his year of trying to follow all 700 rules in the Bible. Along the way he learns a few things and makes a few dead

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Social Injustice kills

Watching the news is always instructive, this story from ITV shows how poverty reduces your lifespan (in two parts of Glasgow not more than 8 miles apart the life expectancy in men differs by a massive 28 years) but also between nations – if you

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Who am I protecting?

Over the weekend I was with our group of churches for a weekend away. One of the speakers was a lady from South Africa called Angela Kemm. Her seminars were called ‘The Priority of Social Justice’ and it was very provocative. Questions such as ‘If