How is a church on mission organised?

I’ve long been helped, inspired and encouraged by the teaching of Jeff Vanderstelt. I must have saved about 30 articles that I went through yesterday as I thought through being a church on mission. Although I’ve already collected a guide to missional communities (purpose, reasons, rhythms

The Curiosity Index (20.01.2017)

I’ve had to dig into the archives for a few links today but just because they’re not new doesn’t mean they’re not good. I’ve been interested in the changing nature of transportation – self-driving cars & trucks, the changing nature of flying and the possible

Questions: 1 Thessalonians 1

Last Sunday as a church we read 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 together. Here are a few things worth thinking about: Could Paul write about our ‘work produced by faith’ our ‘labour prompted by love’ and our ‘endurance inspired by hope’? (v.3) Do you know that if

The Curiosity Index (19.01.2017)

This is pure speculation but Colin Green asks (& answers) a very interesting question. Did Paul see written Christian materials before his conversion? It must surely say something (& nothing particularly good) about our society, that this question can be asked and that the obvious answer isn’t

How big was Thessalonica?

I don’t suppose this question has ever particularly troubled you (leave a comment if it has) but it has bothered me. We’ve recently begun studying the book of 1 Thessalonians and so I’ve been boning up. The majority of my reference books and commentaries (not

The Curiosity Index (18.01.2017)

You should definitely read of Lice and Men by Melissa Kruger – the Corrie Ten Boom story is just wonderful, inspiring and convicting. Andy Le Peau digs into what it means in James 1:27 to look after widows and orphans Once a year Britain suffers

Soren Kierkegaard & the attack on Christendom

There are quite a few things Scandinavian which have shaped the world we live in – IKEA, Lego, Santa Claus but maybe not so many that have shaped how people in the west think. One man, a Dane, stands out above all other contenders – Soren

The Curiosity Index (17.01.2017)

Tyler Cowen has an interesting perspective on Trump, NATO & Germany Forget self-driving cars (which is happening, get used to it) but Airbus is planning on the self-flying car which is both very exciting and almost unbelievably scary (just imagine being very high up in the air